As West Michigan’s premier Air Charter provider, Rapid Air is proud to offer two Piaggio Avanti aircraft and a Cessna 414 to Market. With jet-like speed and turboprop efficiency, the Piaggio can carry 6-8 passengers in their largest-in-class cabins over 1000 miles. Our Cessna 414, a 4-6 passenger pressurized, cabin class, piston twin, is a cost effective alternative for regional travel.

Rapid Air’s professional staff can help you with your travel planning and logistics. From finding the best airport, arranging for catering, ground transportation, or anything you might need to make your trip more effective and pleasurable, we are here to help you!

Air Charter provides the flexibility to visit locations for business or pleasure more efficiently and hassle-free than traditional airline service, getting you closer to your destination in less time and operating on your schedule.